London Resumed

Thanks to the skillful hands of my husband and a few suction cups, our mac is now in working order again. We can finally finish our tour of London. I think I have a few more posts in me! I’m going to condense them a little bit, so the chronology might seem a bit mixed up.

I shared with you here, about our first day in London. After that, we decided to fit in as much of the city as we could, so we were all over the map. Our first stop of the day was here, at the Tower of London.

There has been a fortress built at this site along the Thames River for over 1000 years. It is ancient and beautiful, and the site of some of the most infamous beheadings in history.

I love the modern urban landscape in the background. It makes for strange bedfellows with the stone walls and turrets of the Tower.

Traitors Gate. This is where criminals and enemies of the crown would enter by boat from the Thames. I don’t think that too many of them came back out again. In one of the towers, there are numerous engravings and scratchings in the wall made by the prisoners. Some engraved their names, others their crest, quotes, and scripture. It’s very moving to stand in the same spot that imprisoned another and imagine them spending day after day, year after year scratching out their name in the hopes that someday someone would remember them.

My boys. Ethan loved the doom and torture, but even he was disturbed by the spot in the courtyard that claimed to be the exact place where the beheadings occurred. People like Anne Boleyn and Lady Jane Grey met death here. Morbid, I know. We took a break from the gloom by having a look at the Crown Jewels which are also housed here.

Here’s Ethan in a low blood sugar moment. Look at the face. Love it. So, we refueled at an outdoor eatery in the shadow of Tower Bridge.

Our day wasn’t over yet. From here we took the tube to Trafalgar Square, which is the site of one of my favorite places in all of London, The National Gallery.

Can you see Ethan at the top there? This is Lord Nelson’s column. For arguments sake, lets just pretend that I know who Lord Nelson is. Ethan loved climbing up as far as he could go. He then muscled his way past the crowds to climb one of the four huge lions in the square. I don’t know who the lions are either.

After all of this climbing, we made our way into the National Gallery, my absolute favorite art museum. In my mind it is synonymous with London. I don’t have any photos of the museum, but I will say that Ethan really enjoyed it. He has quite an artistic streak, and could appreciate the beauty and nuance of many of the paintings. Especially the nude ones. As he liked to point out in a stage whisper, “Look Mom. Do you see it? Small, but noticeable.” Hilarious.