First Things

Here’s my boy, ready to take on England. I thought I’d begin here, from take off. E and Michael flew together while I traveled alone on a different airline. There is a long and convoluted story as to why this was the case, but just let me say that eight hours alone without anyone asking me for a single thing wasn’t such a bad gig. Of course, I had to act really sad about it, but inside I was just a little too happy.

Michael and E took all of the luggage on board with them so that when I arrived I wouldn’t have to do a thing except find my way to their terminal. So, all I had was a small bag with the essentials. The essentials being my friend Caroline’s expensive new watch and my lipstick. Because God forbid I be caught out without my lipstick. And Caroline’s watch. These details will become very important in the hours to follow.

Eight hours in and quite a few movies later, I’m sitting in Heathrow airport waiting for my boys to arrive. And they do, a little late, but they do. As they come through the doors, the first thing I notice is the strained look on M’s face. Understandable as it was a long flight. Then I notice that their hands are suspiciously free to move about. Free and empty of something, namely our two suitcases. Apparently our suitcases wanted a vacation of their own and decided to jump planes and head on down to Mexico.

So begins the journey…. I am now without clothes, clean underwear, and cosmetics. But, I do have a really nice watch that doesn’t belong to me and some lipstick. The boys were without their things as well, but somehow that just seemed less important. I mean really, since when do they need five hair products and a bag of cosmetics to get out of the door in the morning. Plus, I’m not convinced they wear clean underpants every day anyway.

I say all of this as a disclaimer with regards to my appearance in most of the photos. A very long story to say that yes, I am aware I look hideous, and yes, I am also aware that I am wearing the same clothing every day.

We’ll pick up here tomorrow on our first day out and about in England. I’ll leave you with a few photos to whet your appetite, and to keep you from being annoyed that I wrote an entire post on my lack of clean underwear.

E’s first double decker bus ride.

Hyde Park
View of Warwick village

Michael and E at Warwick Castle.

View from Warwick Castle’s tower.

Mummy love.

Covent Garden.

I’ll join you back here tomorrow!