Proud Mama

There are innumerable reasons for me to be proud of my girl Rachel, but most of all I am proud of her compassionate heart and generous spirit. This year in lieu of birthday gifts, Rachel asked that friends and family make a donation to charity:water, an organization that builds wells in Africa to provide clean water for the world’s poor. Here’s where the “proud Mama” part comes in, to date Rachel has earned over $500 dollars to provide clean water for Ethiopian children! We have had plenty of friends and family give towards this cause, but even more surprising were the complete strangers who found her donation page online, and donated in her name. They were so impressed with Rach and her mission statement, that they were inspired to support her cause. So, if you want to follow Rachel’s example and give a better life to someone across the globe, follow this link to find Rachel’s home page. I promise you, there is nothing like the compassion of a child to inspire us to do more for the needy around the world.