This and that

Michael and I are coming off a few days together without the kids. They spent two nights at Mom mom and Papa’s house and somehow managed to squeeze in snail catching in the creek, swimming at the pool, and a trip to Dorney Park. Lucky kids, not so lucky grandparents. Hee hee! I certainly admire their fortitude.

While the kids were away, we kept busy too. Dentist, chiropractor, gym. I did manage to squeeze in some shopping at my most favorite store Anthropologie. We topped it off with Mexican food at a local restaurant. Which probably nullified the entire “gym” experience, but it was so worth it.

Last night after dinner Michael moved the TV and DVD player onto the back porch and we watched 21 under the stars with cups of tea and sweatshirts to keep us cozy. (Truth be told, I was the only one in a sweatshirt. Poor M had to wrap himself in pool towels left out to dry on the porch.) It was a wonderful night.

Next week marks the last of summer vacation for us. Michael is taking the week off to hang out around the house and enjoy the last of our time with the kids before school. We’ll see what sort of hijinks we get up to then!

Well, I’m off to enjoy Gilmore girls and a cup of steaming vanilla tea.



  • Jen

    Sounds like a nice couple of days. I love the chance to recharge like that.

    I love Gilmore Girls! Are you watching reruns or DVD’s?

  • Hi Jen,
    I get the DVD’s at my local library. I haven’t seen any reruns yet, and I keep thinking “What are they waiting for?!”.