Sweet Melancholy

Last night I watched a few old home videos of an infant Ethan and wee Rachel. It feels like yesterday, and at the same time it feels like a lifetime ago that they were so small. Rachel with her funny little English/American hybrid accent and Ethan with so little hair and even fewer teeth. It brought tears to my eyes to remember those sweet, yet oh so difficult days. I miss those years, the ones where I was called “Mummy” and my babies were still babies. The misty morning walks to ballet class topped off with a walk to the High Street bakery for fresh jammy donuts. The late night cuddles and comfort. It is a sweet melancholy this life as a mother.



  • oh boy…that brought tears to my eyes. I feel like Jacob is growing so fast… I just want to hold onto every moment. I find that the mornings take forever to get here and the nights are here in a flash. Every night when I lay him down I feel like I am watching my life unfold in a movie as if each night he grows a little bigger and a little more independent.
    I look at Ethan, Rachel and Sophie and it’s comforting to know that each stage brings new and exciting adventures. I was asking mom yesterday if jacob will always be my little baby and she like always, assured me that him and I will always be close. Mom’s always know the “right” things to say.
    I miss you guys and I so wish we lived close by. I hate missing the kids everyday life experiences. Well, maybe someday we will all live by each other again. But for now I will settle with being entertained by your blog. Thanks for sharing your life…you have such a gift for writing.