Making Room for Old Plans Made New

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Two years ago, I asked an artist friend to create a painting of Switzerland for my husband's fortieth birthday. I took photos of my favorite view, one that belonged on the face of a postcard, and someday I hoped, on a painting. I sent the artist the photos, he sent me some sketches. I congratulated … [continue]

Trading Fears


I leave home this Friday for my first residency at Graduate school. As if starting a new job wasn't enough change for my husband and kids to adjust to, I'm also beginning a two-year MFA program at the same time. Friends and family ask if I'm excited and I always reply yes, if excited means the same … [continue]

Home Is a Warm Welcome

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I grew up in a family of introverts who pretended to be extroverts for much of the week, while pastoring a small suburban church. On evenings and Saturdays, my family returned to the natural order of the introvert: quiet, calm, with no excessive talking. While my parents filled their days with … [continue]

A Bit of News


After fourteen years out of the workforce, I started a new job a few weeks ago. I haven’t written about it because the change is so new, I wanted to be sure I stuck with it. I habitually quit things—historically, much to my husband’s chagrin, I quit jobs. My feelings about it lie fresh on the … [continue]

A Nooks and Crannies Kind of Life

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How quiet it's been here this month! I wish real life were this silent in the summer. I feel as if I handed in my ticket to ride the tilt-a-whirl, and some bored teen with their eyes glued to the control board won't stop the whirl and let me off. At first, it's fun to watch the world flash by in a … [continue]