Belonging and the Broken Body of Christ

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I write regularly about belonging, in part because it's an area I struggle with in my own life, but also because I've yet to meet a person who doesn't long for it from the center of their being. They may call it friendship or family or home, or they may call the lack of it loneliness or rootlessness … [continue]

When Hard Work is Mistaken for Talent


"...if we work hard enough, hard work will eventually be mistaken for talent. And if we refuse to give up, perseverance will eventually be mistaken for greatness." ~Erwin Raphael McManus in The Artisan Soul I've written nearly one thousand posts here on this blog. One thousand is my go-to number … [continue]

When I Became a Mother, I Wish Someone Told Me…

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When I became a mother, I wish someone told me that families have seasons. I should have figured this out early on, but when my first child arrived it threw me headfirst into a sea of hormones and breast milk and sleep-deprivation--the likes of which no one understands unless they are also a mother … [continue]

You Be You: Belonging in New Places

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She's a city girl who finds herself unexpectedly living in the suburbs. She got married, had a kid, quit her job, and watched the city disappear in the rear view mirror as she left it behind. Everything that felt familiar and comfortable, every rhythm on which she built her life dropped down to a … [continue]

Doing the Work


My husband’s cousin married an artist. A real, honest-to-goodness, brush-to-canvas artist. When we first met, I saw a few pencil drawings he sketched on the back of a crumpled piece of paper, and I thought how quaint. He scratches out little drawings on the back of trash. It wasn’t what I expected … [continue]