Fractured, Yet Fun: A Race Re-Cap


If you had seen the enormous wet slide ending in a pool of filthy water at the end of the race, you might have cringed too. You might have clenched your teeth together and wondered why you let your husband talk you into such a foolhardy idea. You might have realized it was too late to change your … [continue]

Losing a Friend and Finding Her Again

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We were inseparable from the beginning. We slept at each other's houses and traded our deepest, darkest, thirteen-year-old secrets. We baked cookies and hid from her brothers and whispered late into the night when the house fell asleep. From the attic we watched movies I wasn't allowed to watch at … [continue]

Friendship: What I Learned by Racing Side by Side

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My husband wrangled me, our teenage daughter, and our three best friends to participate in some sort of mud-filled obstacle course this upcoming weekend. You know how I love to spend the Saturday after the first full week of summer? Running a 5K through barbed wire and fire pits. Only not. It's a … [continue]

I wish: A Reflection on Stay at Home Motherhood

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It is 7am on the first morning of our summer break, and already I hear feet crossing the upstairs floorboards. I am "blessed" with children who like to both stay up late and rise early. I find sanity-saving quiet between the hours of 11pm and 6am. Unfortunately, this doesn't jive with my natural … [continue]

Transitions and How We Make Them: Three Things to Remember


I sat cross-legged on my mat in the exercise room surrounded by glass, feeling as conspicuous as a single fish in an otherwise empty fishbowl. Other cross-legged classmates filled the room, but I couldn't get over the feeling that other gym-goers eyes followed me as I sat deep-breathing into my … [continue]