Every Little Thing: A Book Review


Over the last few months, I've had a crisis of faith. Not the kind of crisis where I question the veracity of the Bible or the existence of God or the saving power of Jesus. The Gospel is as true to me as ever, to remove the foundation of it from my life would be akin to removing my very bones. I … [continue]

On Leaving Well and the Courage to Stay


My husband left his job with the company that's fed us and clothed us and provided everything we needed for the last seven years.  He has a new job near the City, in a new to him industry, one that will bring all sorts of challenges for that big brain of his. But first, a shed. Between the old … [continue]

All Shall Be Well: On Parenting

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When my oldest trained for her life-saving course, they required her to tread water for long minutes, and when her legs wearied with the strain of her own body weight, they handed her something heavy to hold above her head and tread some more. Jim Gaffigan likens this experience to parenting … [continue]

Pray Like the Dying

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"I think that the dying pray at the last not "please," but "thank you," as a guest thanks his host at the door." ~Annie Dillard I think the living should pray like this too. I want to pray "thank you" like the dying, while I'm still here to thank the good earth for opening up her treasures to me. I … [continue]

Journeying Back in Order to Move Forward


They sat around the dinner table while I fiddled with containers of old food and dirty dishes in the kitchen. My audience, captive, just the way I like them. My oldest sat in her usual spot, only this time when I looked at her, a sixteen year old looked back at me. This is new, and yet nothing feels … [continue]