On Feasting and Thanksgiving


As we celebrate a season traditionally marked by harvest and abundance, and we gather around the table to feast, may I encourage you to look past the turkey and the stuffing? Past the pumpkin pie and the whipped cream and the way your waistband doesn't expand as easily as your belly? Look past … [continue]

How to carry the weight of the world

The world weighs heavy on you. You turn from page to page, you scroll past outrage, you watch images that flicker like a film strip behind your eyes when you close them at night. You want to turn away, hide your face from the latest stories because they make a fool of your tears. Tears solve … [continue]

What Hollywood Taught Me About Real Life


We sat in the rented min-van hurtling through the Hollywood Hills, the two youngest on probation in the back seat, the oldest in the middle pretending she couldn't hear any of us, the mother-in-law with nerves of steel next to her. He and I sat in the front, not speaking. Oh, we'd been speaking. We … [continue]

When the Holy and the Human Meet in the Everyday


Years ago, when we traveled through Israel, we spent a day driving from Jerusalem to Galilee. As we drove, we followed the path of the Jordan River for some time as it snaked its way through the desert. Somewhere along the bank, in the middle of the desert sits a designated area set up for baptism, … [continue]

Why Making Time For Family Matters


My brother lives in the country, in an old farmhouse built in 1833. Original, wide-plank wood floors run throughout the house, and the kitchen displays a fireplace I can stand up inside at my full height. At 5'2", that's not a huge accomplishment, but it gives you some idea of the scale. Every … [continue]