The Double-edged Sword of Expectations


Now that I have quit my job, I find myself at loose ends. I wake up in the morning, and there is nothing before me except an endless list of household chores and errands on repeat. Often, there is school work--reading and writing--but school isn't a forty hour a week affair. There's more than enough … [continue]

For the One Who Isn’t Wonder Woman and Never Will Be


In my twenties, I attended a company Holiday party hosted by my husband's then-employer. It was held in a dimly lit ballroom with a dance floor and wandering balloon artists creating phallic symbols to be worn as hats. I was nervous about meeting his colleagues for the first time because of my … [continue]

Roots and Sky: A Book Giveaway


***This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who left a comment here, there, and everywhere:) Kate Rice is the winner of Christie's book, Roots and Sky!*** "...home is the ground we measure with our own two feet. And home is the place that measures us. Home is the place that names us and the place … [continue]

One Word 2016: Restore


Over the past few years, rather than making resolutions I will never keep, I choose a single word to guide me through the next twelve months. Sometimes it works, and I return to my word time and time again like a touchstone, a place where my inner and outer self join hands together. And sometimes, I … [continue]

Telling The Truth in 2016


Hello, Friends! It's been a while. I took an unexpected break from blogging over the holidays, and decided to extend it through my grad school residency in England. I have so much to unpack mentally, so much gathered over the last year and the last few weeks, I don't know where to begin. Writing … [continue]