Five ways to survive the season

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"There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." ~Jane Austen Reviewing the holiday calendar has an opposite and equally strong reaction between my husband and myself. When he sees a blank space, he wants to fill it. When I see a blank space, I want to keep it free from commitment. I see a … [continue]

I do

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My husband and I spent hours cleaning the basement yesterday. I should preface this by saying, the basement is where all the things we've collected over our multiple moves go to die a slow death by suffocation. Boxes upon boxes, trinkets upon trinkets. Visual clutter brings out the worst of my … [continue]

Leaving the light on for you

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For most of the 3.5 years we lived in Switzerland, we did very little entertaining. Our home was small. I cooked in an oven the size of an easy bake. We had exactly six chairs to sit on and five people in our own family. My husband travelled constantly, and when he returned home after a long week … [continue]

The names we call ourselves

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The artist formerly known as Kim :) When my husband wants to make me crazy, he calls me "Kim". I have repeatedly told him this name is to be used only in the event of an emergency, such as finding himself in a hostage situation or some other unlikely scenario. "Kim" is our distress code, not to be … [continue]

Church in a coffee shop


I hear her talking from across the coffee shop. I’ve seen her there before, circled close to the same group of older gentlemen clutching coffee cups. They come here often to talk about the latest headlines, their medical problems, the grandkids, and, occasionally, their faith. As a serial … [continue]