On Turning Forty and a Few Things I Learned Along the Way

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I grew up three turns and around the bend from a tiny, local zoo. I wrote a little about it here. It housed your standard petting zoo critters, along with a strange array of everyday animals like raccoons and owls, in cages close to water buffalo enclosures or your scary "big cat". As a tween, I … [continue]

Practice, Excellence, and Wild Abandon

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They entered from the back and walked the length of the two aisles, he with the suona (Chinese horn) and she with the gaita (Galician bagpipes). She passed closest to me, swishing in her full, gold skirt with the gaita beneath her left arm. The tassles and fringe on the instrument swung with her … [continue]

A Decade of Delight

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My husband came in the door, and within a few minutes of catching up, I told him I was probably, almost definitely, with some degree of certainty going to quit writing. And also--if we’re talking about life changes--when I drove down the road earlier in the morning, the thought “We need to move” … [continue]

Teach Us

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"Teach us to care and not to care Teach us to sit still." ~TS Eliot  I don't regularly follow the traditions of the church calendar, so Ash Wednesday snuck in on the coat tails of the flu and strep throat as they bullied their way through my little people. Housebound with kids capable of doing … [continue]

On skipping parties for pre-marital counseling

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The show Friends premiered the year I got engaged. I slipped on a diamond ring at the end of my freshman year in college. I was still one year away from embracing my second decade--a year away from a birthday with a two in front of it. I had no business thinking about marriage at that point in my … [continue]